Meditation Perspectives

There is a new page on the home page menu concerning starting a meditation practice called, “Perspectives on starting a Mediation Practice.” I avoid telling anyone how to meditate, each person will develop their own style and insights, the mechanics of meditation are simple and a lot of sites offer that. There is nothing complicated, mysterious, or magical about meditation. What I offer is the basic philosophy behind my daily meditation. I needed a simple direct meditation that supports my life, not as an add-on, but a way to live. So it’s a basic description of what I find important. Simple is good, meditation is a way to see how the stream of thought operates in the world. I will be doing an audio version that can be downloaded in the next few weeks. This is a basic start and will be of value no matter what kind of meditation or practice may evolve. Meditation needs to be something I want to do, no struggles, no suffering, no I have to do this or must do that. No right or wrong ways to practice. Just creating a simple basic space in which I can see how I operate in a clearer fashion.

If you have questions or I can be of assistance I left an email contact. May this info be useful.

Take care of you and all you love,

Bryan Wagner

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