There exists an area of me that’s aware the portal to being in presence means to embrace falling and take a position that says, “I am constantly greeting and saying farewell to everything.”

In all traditions and paths there is a direct knowledge that everything comes and goes continuously. I find that stepping outside of that knowing becomes painful and a source of suffering. We rarely want to hold awareness of this because because there is a bittersweet feeling that we cannot always enjoy things because they fade, but that’s just the other side of the coin that things that are painful also fade. Understanding that nothing is permanent in my existence places a who different perspective on life. Things seem very clear, precious moments and things seem more precious and times when I suffer seem so less intense and not worth the attention.

We run like rivers through life’s offerings, all is valuable and all will come and go. Like the Beatles famous song says, “I say Hello and you say Goodbye.” All life is always saying hello and goodbye.

Love everything you can today!


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