Knowing Tao and Cats

If I am trying to know, and if I don’t know who’s trying to know, then what will I actually know, and who would know it?

This says a lot about holding things lightly. Ever have that experience of knowing something only to find out you didn’t? I know, me too!

We live in a transient universe where everything comes and goes. So, I am often reminded that no matter what heights we attain on an intellectual, emotional, spiritual, or physical level, there is still time to hold the cat and listen to the purring.

Because then and there, in that moment, that’s who we are because we are not thinking about who we are in the moment. We are not trying to become anything.

In Chan and Tao there is a phrase that goes something like this, “Hold your life lightly and stand in the warmth of the great Eastern Sun.”

Do that. Pet the cat. Hug yourself and someone else. Breathe and follow the breath. Listen to the wind in the trees. Take the time to watch lightening. Sit on the grass and watch the tiny life being busy. Smile at someone. Nod at a stranger. Keep a smile on your face for whole minute. Laugh. Turn off the news for a day. Reconnect with your own life.

Sometimes we need to disconnect, re-calibrate, energize, and center ourselves in our own life. We don’t need to leave ourselves to do it. In fact we need to be closer to us for the few minutes it takes for the charge to return.



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