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The Way to Love Anthony D’Mello

he Way To Love contains the final flowering of Anthony de Mello’s thought, and  in it he grapples with the ultimate question of  love. In thirty-one meditations, he implores his  readers with his usual pithiness to break through  illusion, the great obstacle to love. “Love  springs from awareness,” de Mello insists, saying  that it is only when we see others as they are  that we can begin to really love. But not only must  we seek to see others with clarity, we must examine  ourselves without misconception. The task,  however, is not easy. “The most painful act,”  de Mello says, “is the act of seeing. But in  that act of seeing that love is born.” Anthony  De Mello was the director of the Sadhana Institute  of Pastoral Counseling in Poona, India, and  authored several books. The Way To Love  is his last.

Have you ever read a book or article and found that it changed your life? And that no matter what you keep going back to that material? This is one of those books.

Anthony D’Mello writes and speaks in a way that touches my heart. Very specific and sparse. Yet it really opened my heart when I read it. ” The chapter “The Mountain of Prayer” is one that I keep going back to over and over. Anthony gives a map of the way to have relationship with self and others. He pulls no punches and spares no conditioned state. This is the real deal. I greatly encourage the study of this material. Check out your local book store or internet store. This book will not disappoint.

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