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MUSIC: GoGo Penguin

Man Made Object

I usually have some background music going when I write. I can’t use anything that has vocals, at least not in my own language. I get too distracted!

So a friend of mine, Lyudmila, posted a YouTube video of GoGo Penguin. I usually take a listen to stuff she posts because we have some of the same tastes but then she has a knack for posting music by people I never heard before and that I fall in love with immediately.

GoGo Penguin is one of those.

They are a Jazz crossover band from Manchester, UK. The band features Chris Illingworth on pianao, bassist NIck Blacka, and Rob Turner on drums.

I listen to these musicians all the time now. They have a presence and are not fearful of leaving the box. Haunting songs, fierce songs, and songs that meld the musicians talents so well that it’s amazing. A communication that speaks of the relationship of those involved.

What I like the most is their grasp of transience in music. They define that area that says nothing ever repeats itself exactly the way it manifests itself. There is a very lifelike flow and ebb to this music I find so intriguing.



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