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The above book is by Cheri Huber and Ashwini Narayanan. I am careful about what books I decide to encourage my friends to read. There is never enough time to read everything so as I age I have become very selective. This book is a gem. I have been guided by Cheri’s words and presentation for decades. We first met when I had hair and no tattoos. That was a while ago. Her message has changed my entire point of reference on life. Ashwinni is a wise and compassionate person. She is articulate, precise, and caring about the message. They are my favorite conduits for the intelligence that speaks in the universe.

If you find yourself wanting to develop a way of communication that is genuine, compassionate, and allows you your truthful voice then I recommend this book. It offers a paradigm that I find so useful and it offers a hands on approach to allow you to start being heard by the person who actually can hear you and respond to your needs. That would be you.

No you don’t have to be a Zen person to use the book or explore the directions that are offered. Yes, it’s good if you have an awareness practice but that’s a broad label and fits so many paths and ways of living.

This one is going to find it’s home in my very small library of books that have had a profound influence on my life. Check it out. I think it may make all the difference in world in the relationship you have with yourself and others.

Cheri is the author of many books I would suggest checking them out. I love “There is Nothing Wrong with You.” That one started my passion in finding my center from a place of inclusive mind, I read it and realized that there never was anything missing or in need of completion, only expansion.

See you again next month with another book!


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