Belief and Knowing

I believe the sun will rise tomorrow, but I don’t know the sun will rise tomorrow. Big difference in how I process my reality and expectations. This is holding a belief lightly. Some people will spend a lot of time arguing about the odds that the sun will rise tomorrow as a fact without understanding... Continue Reading →

Time of Zen and Tao

Right now is yesterdays future. Right now is tomorrows past. If you want to improve the future do it now. If you want to improve your past, also do it now. There is much to be said about being as close to the moment as possible. In Compassion and Love, Bryan


Gautama Buddha was pointing to the awareness and energy it takes to remain in Equilibrium and the challenges faced to remain in balance between two opposing forces. We wobble. Humans do that. Not in our minds eye of course. There life is as simple as setting a goal, finding the needed steps, moving forward, and... Continue Reading →

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