God and Zen

Well, it happened again. Someone asked me about my beliefs. Sigh. God is everything and inclusive. That's about it for me. It's a little like being a cog in a giant eternity machine and having someone ask me about the machine. I don't think so. So I wanted to post a tiny part of the... Continue Reading →

Reality of Zen and Tao

Our thoughts are never life, they are only secondary information about life. The narrative isn’t real. A basic Zen principle, at least in my training, is that thinking about is never the thing itself. It is only thought. Thoughts are not real. Piaget, the child psychologist, often pointed out that children think thoughts are real,... Continue Reading →


"If you have to start thinking about how you feel you are probably not feeling." Thinking about feelings is not the same as having them. It can lead to having body sensations that will become "feelings." We can so easily be fooled by conditioned ego that we feel things. When, for many of us, not... Continue Reading →

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