What if? or What is?

I have been thinking and seeing this process of late. Sometimes I think of using "What if" as a way to explore options or open that portal to imagination. I find "What if" useful when seen from that position of a place of exploration. It certainly has helped spark imagination. As a base for curiosity... Continue Reading →

Likes and Dislikes

β€œTo set up what you like against what you dislike, this is the disease of the mind.”― Seng-t'san I was given a Koan many years ago and continue to process it constantly. It went like this: "If reality is just what it is, and is going to be that way no matter what, then what does... Continue Reading →

Flowing Tao

When life presents with bitterness we flow. When life presents with sweetness we flow. "Just Go with the Flow" was a very popular concept a long while ago. It became another dated saying that stopped being used. But I find it pointing to something I think is valuable that has been said for thousands of... Continue Reading →

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