“We make life even more painful by having expectations and preferences.”― Mokokoma Mokhonoana I am forever expecting things. I still look at the weather report regardless of how many times it's wrong. It's still better than nothing. But, outside of the weather, I'm finding that the idea of "Expecting anything other than the way it exists"... Continue Reading →

Life’s Zen

Life, is really one long experience! It's a valuable perspective. There will be up and down, good and bad, back and forth, and countless moments of bittersweet things. But when seen as a total journey we take everything in stride and everything in the perspective of the journey, not the event.

Tao of Stories

When we no longer recognize the story as a story, the narrative then become our reality. I love stories. I love to read and learn. And I love the creation of worlds that writers formulate about places and events that come from imagination. That being said, there is a serious danger in getting caught up... Continue Reading →

What if? or What is?

I have been thinking and seeing this process of late. Sometimes I think of using "What if" as a way to explore options or open that portal to imagination. I find "What if" useful when seen from that position of a place of exploration. It certainly has helped spark imagination. As a base for curiosity... Continue Reading →

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