Tao of Snake Doing

I was amazed when this Garter snake slid up to the walnut tree I was working around, looked up, and proceeded to climb the tree to about four feet off the ground. I was impressed to say the least. And it struck me what a risky thing this was for her to do. I have never seen a snake climb a tree in Michigan, it might be a regular practice for all I know. But nothing I’ve ever seen a Garter snake off the ground.

I couldn’t help but admire her for her ability to be present and try the next thing that came up in her world. No deep thinking, just a sense of presence and doing the next that that appeared. It wasn’t successful unless you see her climbing a tree as a success, she didn’t appear to find food, and after a few minutes of exploration went back to the ground.

Now if I had been attempting this, I would have weighed the odds, made up a plan, bought some safety equipment, and found someone to climb with, but not her. She just ran into a tree and took the next action. I think too much about things, I know that being human it’s part of our survival mechanism to envision the future for potential problems, but I do think sometimes one needs to trust our instincts and do the next thing without thinking it to death. This is one of those events that carry a deeper message that may not manifest for a while, but for right now I so admire her willingness to explore her world in a direct and fearless manner.

Deep bow to my momentary friend.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Bryan Wagner

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