Tao of Curiosity

“It’s not that I’m so smart. But I stay with the questions much longer.” – Albert Einstein

I often find myself saying that there are only questions and temporary resolutions, that always lead to more questions. What I find interesting is when questions rise, I often will accept the first answer that comes to mind or produces an “end” to the question. When I take the time to slow down and wait, I often realize that the answer is just another conditioned reaction from separate self. Usually from an already in place conclusion and an answer I like, or ego can live with.

Lately I have been staying with questions much longer and find that there are deeper answers, if I’m willing to push through the immediate ones, coming much closer to providing an answer that I find truthful, but not necessarily ones I want to hear. It’s as though I know the answers, but conditioned self only focuses on the ones that support self-centered ego, the answers that are truthful and painful are purposely avoided. This is particularly true when questioning on a personal level and seeking what’s truthful about my own thoughts and actions.

The outcome is I don’t rush to answer as quickly anymore and am suspicious of those first easy answers that appear.

A deep bow to Albert Einstein!

Take care of you today, find kindness for self and others,

Bryan Wagner

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