Expressing Tao

“Be yourself, an original is so much better than a copy.”

I love expressing myself artistically when the urge rises. For me it manifests in music, drawing, and painting. I struggled with expressing the self for a long time. In part because I was confused about how ego relates to self-expression. What changed? I gave up on projecting what anyone would think about my expression, or if anyone would “like” what I express. (It never stops, I ignore it!) It was those two dynamics that always brought the separate self into focus and the expression wouldn’t be about my feelings but only a social construct to gain approval or personal interest driven by anxiety, worry, and fear. (Oh my, what will people think?)

When seeking to understand the self, self-expression without attachment is an amazing tool and process. For me it requires curiosity and a willingness to see through the eyes of direct experience. No reliance on the stream of thought but engaging the ability to action despite what thought presents.

Don’t let the separate self personality talk you out of it, find a way to express what is uniquely you and let the critical thoughts run, they do that, on and on. But in the meantime, you are fulfilling one of the truthful things about you, you have things inside singing to be released.

Release them!

Bryan Wagner

“Falling Into the Sun” The artwork in the heading was done using paint and autodesk.

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