Tao of Meditation

A friend asked me to define meditations worth, he knows I love meditation and find value in the act. The Japanese have a philosophy that says there are three aspects of the changing “self.” One is is for the general public, another for people with whom we have a close relationship, the last is when we are alone.

And there it is! The first two are conditioned personality, the third is how I am in meditation the instant I accept that the noisy stream of thought is a small part of who I am. And, in meditation, at least the version I embrace, I can see the difference between socially conditioned personality and the truthful self that is the combination of bio/psycho/social/emotional risings in any moment. (Meditation is a focus of attention, it’s not necessary to sit on a cushion or chair in some pre-decided position. It’s a part of every moment no matter where we happen to be. Although I love the experience of the cushion!)

How is this valuable, experiencing the stream of thoughts movement? I experience how fleeting and vague thoughts are, I see how I attach to extracted thoughts and turn them into dramatic monsters who rule life, and I experience how sense input doesn’t need any projected thought structure. Life has a dramatic essence that doesn’t need to be enhanced by projected ideas, opinions, judgements, and labels.

I can see, smell, appreciate the apple blossom without a single label or thought. Just how I am being with how it is. How beautiful, a human being, being.

Embrace this day, the hot weather dissipated over the night and it’s moving into a special season, fall. It’s change personified.

Bryan Wagner

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  1. I find this extremely helpful, Bryan, thank you!
    I’m a beginner in meditation with so much to learn. I used to fight the thoughts in my head, believing they were intrusive. You’ve confirmed it’s alright to leave them be then let them go. I agree about how we take some thoughts and magnify them when it’s just not necessary to do so.

    “I can see, smell, appreciate the apple blossom without a single label or thought. Just how I am being with how it is. How beautiful, a human being, being.” Yes, that’s it exactly!

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    1. Thank you, Lesley
      We are all beginners! I don’t ever want to forget that! Every moment is a new beginning and ending. Hello and goodby.
      After decades of meditation, I came to the conclusion that thoughts are like our hearts beating, how and why they are generated is beyond me and neurobiology, but thoughts are only metaphor, important to a degree, but so is direct sensing. I admire you for engaging in a meditation process. I think it’s a life changer.
      I am enjoying your blogging!
      Take care of you my friend.

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    1. Thank you, my friend! I don’t think, for me, it’s a matter of doing much, just noticing how the stream of thought functions, just this endless stream of thoughts that I used to think was me. Now it continues, but I realize thoughts alone are not me, nor do they have to be believed, obeyed, or personalized. I truly love sitting and attending to the noisy stream of thought for a while. Then engaging with my day with a clearer perspective. Take care of you!

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  2. I enjoy all forms of meditation, in yoga, lying down, transcendal and walking. Each practice provides a close inspection of my true self and allows me to connect to spaces that require healing. Being and enjoying the present moment is where truth, beauty and love’s purity radiate from. We experience this truth most in nature I feel. Being outdoors is my favorite part of the day. Thank you for sharing your perspective on the benefits of meditation my friend.

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    1. Dear Bryan and Maria,

      I concur with both of you regarding meditation, and would like to invite you over to experience a special meditative journey of creative visualization and mind-body intervention, available to you at my newest post entitled “🦅 SoundEagle Guided Imagery ⋆*ࣰ☀̤̣̈̇🏝*ࣰ˜҈”˜҈░*ࣰණි


      Wishing you a productive week doing or enjoying whatever that satisfies you the most with or without meditation!

      Yours sincerely,

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