Tao of Meditation

A friend asked me to define meditations worth, he knows I love meditation and find value in the act. The Japanese have a philosophy that says there are three aspects of the changing “self.” One is is for the general public, another for people with whom we have a close relationship, the last is when we are alone.

And there it is! The first two are conditioned personality, the third is how I am in meditation the instant I accept that the noisy stream of thought is a small part of who I am. And, in meditation, at least the version I embrace, I can see the difference between socially conditioned personality and the truthful self that is the combination of bio/psycho/social/emotional risings in any moment. (Meditation is a focus of attention, it’s not necessary to sit on a cushion or chair in some pre-decided position. It’s a part of every moment no matter where we happen to be. Although I love the experience of the cushion!)

How is this valuable, experiencing the stream of thoughts movement? I experience how fleeting and vague thoughts are, I see how I attach to extracted thoughts and turn them into dramatic monsters who rule life, and I experience how sense input doesn’t need any projected thought structure. Life has a dramatic essence that doesn’t need to be enhanced by projected ideas, opinions, judgements, and labels.

I can see, smell, appreciate the apple blossom without a single label or thought. Just how I am being with how it is. How beautiful, a human being, being.

Embrace this day, the hot weather dissipated over the night and it’s moving into a special season, fall. It’s change personified.

Bryan Wagner

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  1. I find this extremely helpful, Bryan, thank you!
    I’m a beginner in meditation with so much to learn. I used to fight the thoughts in my head, believing they were intrusive. You’ve confirmed it’s alright to leave them be then let them go. I agree about how we take some thoughts and magnify them when it’s just not necessary to do so.

    “I can see, smell, appreciate the apple blossom without a single label or thought. Just how I am being with how it is. How beautiful, a human being, being.” Yes, that’s it exactly!


    1. Thank you, Lesley
      We are all beginners! I don’t ever want to forget that! Every moment is a new beginning and ending. Hello and goodby.
      After decades of meditation, I came to the conclusion that thoughts are like our hearts beating, how and why they are generated is beyond me and neurobiology, but thoughts are only metaphor, important to a degree, but so is direct sensing. I admire you for engaging in a meditation process. I think it’s a life changer.
      I am enjoying your blogging!
      Take care of you my friend.

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    1. Thank you, my friend! I don’t think, for me, it’s a matter of doing much, just noticing how the stream of thought functions, just this endless stream of thoughts that I used to think was me. Now it continues, but I realize thoughts alone are not me, nor do they have to be believed, obeyed, or personalized. I truly love sitting and attending to the noisy stream of thought for a while. Then engaging with my day with a clearer perspective. Take care of you!

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