Those Difficult Times

“You can’t be brave if you’ve only had wonderful things happen to you.” – Mary Tyler Moore

Perhaps the experiences we have are bitter and sweet in turn, but we need to have those experiences to see how life is, how all life and all people are experiencing life. I am having one of those experiences and can see how it’s impacting how I see life. The bitterness of losing someone we love is never easy, but offers perspectives I couldn’t possible see if it doesn’t happen.

I can see how I have grown in the relationship, I feel the love that keeps digging in deeper, I see myself and others, our struggles, our fears, and how we share our happiness with each other in a much clearer fashion. I see we are temporary, and fleeting. Due to that my role as a human being is shifting to other priorities. I see how we are all protecting ourselves from our own feelings, and how I’m experiencing the loss and fear of loss intensely.

Of course I wouldn’t chose this experience if given options, but life’s path goes one way and some things are optionless. Yet what I gain, from a very painful place is beyond any value or worth. My much loved friend is leaving us, and in the middle of that leaving, I am learning how to be brave, for me that means accepting what is without regret or whining about what I would rather have, or how things aren’t fair, or dwelling in anger and frustration. My friend is sharing bravery by his actions, the ability to accept with grace and love those inevitable experiences we must all face. Deepest bows David.

Bryan Wagner

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