Using Time

“Half of life is lost in charming others. The other half is lost in going through anxieties caused by others. Leave this play, you have played enough.” – Rumi

I get this, or the intent of the message. But for me, the root of this particular problem is the conditioned reactions that we have been trained to accept. “Be a nice person, don’t create waves, get along, be this, do that, in order to be acceptable by others. Plus being nice, just to be nice, is a presentation and not particularly honest or truthful. (And it’s a way of manipulating others.) This perspective is often in line with what people think is being spiritual or religious. The second part is somewhat truthful, except others have little to do with my anxiety, it’s my conditioned need for acceptance, approval, attention, and conditioned self’s need to be right that lays the foundation for worry and anxiety. Yikes.

Be truthful to your core concepts and belief’s. As long as you communicate from a position of respect and truthfulness you can say anything to anybody and not create offense or hurt. I love the last line, “Leave this play, you have played enough.” I guess I might say “Stop Playing” because leaving the play seems a little much much, it could get both lonely and enable a misguided sense of superiority. We only know ourselves through contemplation and interactions with others, where the genuine person you are in those moments has a chance to sing.

Have a day! (The oldest Zen joke ever!)

Bryan Wagner

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