Tao of Good Enough

It sucks doesn’t it? Feeling like your not good enough? – Anonymous

I remember that feeling from school. Always attempting to figure out how to fit in and never quite achieving that. There has always been that vague feeling of “ghosting it.” Not quite being seen by others, at least not in my perception. I could be totally wrong about that, but I’m talking about the way life feels and feelings are not always accurate. Yet they rule our lives while we attend to them. In my experience we all want to be seen, heard, and have our very presence validated.

Feeling I wasn’t good enough had a profound impact, I decided when I entered remission from drugs and alcohol that I would own engaging people from a position of attention. I am here and I see you. It’s constantly in need of attention and I’m always drifting off into the stream of thought. I’m often surprized when others notice and often comment on having another person’s focus. I am starting to see how much we all crave being seen and heard and how much it’s an integral part of being human. It’s a gift we can always give, isn’t it? I am here for you and will dedicate all the ability I have in this moment to seeing you and listening. What I wonderful gift to give that enhances both the giver and receiver.

Fall in love with your life as it unfolds, it can’t unfold any other way than is it in these moments,

Bryan Wagner

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