Life in this Moment

I often take a second and ask myself, “How am I using and experiencing this finite resource called life?”

If I stop and exit the treadmill of my stream of thought, and just breath and be in these moments, is there really anything else that needs to be added? What is it that constantly seeks connection and completion? If I add anything to how I am right now will anything change? Or is that the story a separate self tells, one of constant need and seeking, in order for ego to remain in the exact center of the universe?

We are enough in this moment, there is nowhere to go, nothing to attain, and nothing we need to acquire.

Inside I hear separate self screaming, “That’s not right, we need to get cracking here and become something else.” But what the separate isolated self doesn’t comprehend, is we are always in a state of change and becoming, we don’t have to pretend to control anything, we can experience these moments for all the miracle they present.

Be kind to you today, you’re worth it.

Bryan Wagner

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