Patience and Change

“That’s the amazing thing about all the different states of bodymind: They pass. They come, they go. Some of them linger, but they will change eventually. The art of living is not to make stories about any of them, because stories linger longer then the states they are describing. Much longer. For centuries sometimes.” – Toni Packer

For me this is entirely truthful. The stories about suffering or joy last much longer than the actual experiences. It’s one of those things that is so difficult to remember when caught up in the moment. Still, the message has been around for a long time. I love the way Toni Packer phrased it. Having the patience to ride out a storm increases when we know the storm will pass, and all storms rise and then fade. It’s the stories about the storm that seem to last forever.

Take care of you today!

Bryan Wagner

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