Helping Others

Helping and taking care of others is a driving force behind many beliefs, religious, and spiritual organizations. Many of us have personal beliefs that are structured around helping others, it’s a way to make the world a better place and generate some positive feelings. But it’s not an easy task and often we end up suffering somewhat over trying to make decision about who to help.

Lately during these times of Covid 19 there seems more people than ever who are seeking help and some relief for self or others. I have been talking to several people who fall into that category. They all have different areas of need but it mostly comes down to financial assistance and donations. And, I regularly find myself wanting to help everyone. So, how to decide? The level of need? Deciding who’s needy according to my own biased opinions and conclusions?

I did a lot of contemplation on the idea of helping others. I asked myself what kind of baseline could I use? So I decided that food, water, shelter, and education were the basics that would give people the fertile ground to grow and allow them to make the best decisions possible. And I decided that I wouldn’t back any program that is invasive politically, or manipulative socially. That was harder than I first thought.

I have one program that I regularly donate to every month. It’s based on supplying clean water, food, and education for children in the African country of Zambia. I am a believer in helping children find a place in the world through supplying them the basics. (Hopefully without any political, religious, or belief systems getting in the way, although I know as long as there are social and political agenda’s they will be influenced.) I think as long as there are the basics for them to grow into healthy adults, then they can deal with the rest as they age. I am in awe about human potential that allows each individual to see what’s truthful for them in life, and it starts with food, water, shelter, and a functional education. One that teaches how to learn more than what to learn.

Helping others supports a practice of internal growth, the trick is to step outside of the separate self’s need to be recognized and praised for doing so. That’s a subtle line in my psyche. But if I help others for the reason of wanting praise or recognition then it’s not really out of compassion or caring, it’s just the conditioned self looking for some approval, by others or by itself.

Take care of you and all you love,

Bryan Wagner

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