The wisdom of Popeye the Sailor

There’s joy in living from the perspective of engaged presence. “I am what I am” doesn’t require stories, fabrications, pre-conclusions, beliefs, or elaborate belief systems.

Our lives are happening in front of us, who we are is exactly what’s happening in these moments. Can I embrace that? Do I need to keep trying to improve or change that essence that appears whenever I pay attention? Does that mean I don’t approve of who I am in this moment? Or can I engage with that old philosophy, “I am what I am.”

Take care of you and all you love today!

Bryan Wagner

2 thoughts on “The wisdom of Popeye the Sailor

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  1. Embracing ALL of the AM, that’s what I say. Enjoying the moment and staying in observation mode. Happy Friday Bryan, here’s to a relaxing weekend 😎 I have always enjoyed Popeye and his humorous wisdom 😆

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