That tiny action that matters.

Sometimes I get caught up in the “big picture.” You know, all the doings and shenanigan’s going on outside my direct experience. Sigh. The world needs to be fixed and sometimes I become delusional and think I can do that. (And I wonder why I become sad sometimes?)

But lately I’ve been noticing how it’s those teeny tiny gestures that matter. Getting into an elevator the other day I was with a woman wearing an anti Covid mask that was spectacular. I could hear that stream of thought start a debate about saying something about it. I stepped around the debate and said, “I love your mask.” We were best friend for the rest of a six floor elevator trip. Outstanding!

I don’t have to do big things or change the world, I need to look around in proximity to my own breath and body and see what I can offer others. I can do that constantly, just spreading those tiny bits of joy and watching people light up. Yes I’m willing to take the risk, after all not everyone is going to respond positively to a kind gesture, I’ve learned that the hard way. And for me it’s a little bit scary offering strangers kindness, but I think it’s because I’m not used to it, not because it’s intimidating. I’ll have to practice more!

As you can see from P’nuts face in the accompanying photo, the biggest difference can come from the tiniest gestures. Don’t forget that applies to you also, the smallest gestures of caring for yourself can make the biggest difference!

Take good care of you my friends, you are so worth it!

Bryan Wagner

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