Seeking the Problems

A few nights ago I had a discussion with a few people that focused on issues dealing with the state of humanity and what’s going on with all of our struggles. When we signed off I had an insight I found interesting and disturbing.

We had spent the entire time problem identifying and offering opinions about what could or should be done, but never came to any solutions. Not one. Yet initially I had walked away feeling gratified and accomplished. As though venting my feelings and showing how clever I can be at offering opinions mattered. But I see now that we left the world exactly where it was when we started the conversation. In some ways it feels like that entire cycle defines what we call politics.

So I’m starting to look at that, the incessant seeking out of the next problem and offering what I “think” about it. Perhaps it might be more helpful to seek out concrete methods, doable actions, that could help relieve others sufferings? Until that rises what good are opinions? If the end result of a conversation is to find a solution then of course playing with ideas is a good thing, but not when the conversation just gives a platform for my ego. It has enough platform already!

Take care of you today so you can take care of others!

Bryan Wagner

4 thoughts on “Seeking the Problems

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  1. Sometimes we don’t even implement our ideas in ourselves because it appears our one effort goes nowhere.
    Sometimes a good conversation is all that we get, it takes away our boredom, gives us a platform for expression and maybe an insight or two afterwards, that’s not so bad. I say don’t let the insight prevent you from enjoying such conversations later, it’s all part of it.
    Have great times Bryan ❤️✌🏿

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