Do Unto Others

“Do unto others as you would have done unto you, and expect nothing in return.”

To hear others as you would be heard,, and not react to what they say.

To see others as you would want to be seen, and not react to their vision.

To give to others as you would want them to give to you, and want nothing in return.

To freely give space to those in need, yet keep that inner space free.

To care about those who don’t care.

To be fully present with others and know sometimes all of us are fragmented.

To share sadness and grief, understanding that the sharing may no be returned.

Aspiring to respond in these ways can be challenging, but I think also defines a potential that’s worth pursuing.

Take care of you, smile deeply today!

Bryan Wagner

5 thoughts on “Do Unto Others

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    1. Expectations aren’t very helpful for me. I find doing something for someone and expecting something in return is truly meaningless. Not that it doesn’t happen, but I find it’s good to pay attention to the way that feels. Yes! Giving from the heart!!! Well said my friend.

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  1. Thank you, my friend! That is P’nut the lady of the feline household culture. They are similar except she has those amazing blue grey eyes. Take good care of you my friend! You are so worth it.

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