Clinging to life or living life?

It seems that living life requires acceptance that we are always gaining and losing, always saying hello and goodbye to everything. That’s easy to understand intellectually. To comprehend it somewhat is a different perspective, to live from that perspective changes everything.

I have a tendency to find people, places, and things I like and proceed to cling to them like a child with a blanket. As if holding onto the blanket will suspend time and the ravages of transience.

But the blanket disappears, as all things do, and all the drama of clinging also fades leaving the aftermath of jilted emotions.

Yet, there is exquisite joy and happiness embracing the blanket while is it mine. Sometimes it feels that in order to step away from my former child means I can love and cherish the blanked while fully knowing the outcome will be seeing it drift away. Loving it fully and exquisitely while it and I are together and having the grace of letting go, no matter how that may feel.

This is the way of the entire universe, the ebb and flow or existence, rising and falling and rising again. There is beauty in that pattern, and a lesson in how to love and live fully.

Take care of you,

Bryan Wagner

6 thoughts on “Clinging to life or living life?

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  1. Yes my friend, we hold want to hold on to that blanket and when we realize it’s a place inside we can always visit, it’s quite soothing. The rise and fall, the ebb and flow and all the lessons within the cycles in between. I thought of your words while I was on my break about putting my practices to the test when I was around others. Many ah-ha moments indeed my friend 😊

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