Tao of Struggle

"Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors." - African Proverb Anyone can do well and be the nice person when life is presenting the sweet in life, but the test of who we are at the core is revealed during the bitter times. Can I be a kind, giving, and compassionate person when all seems... Continue Reading →

The Tao of the “I”

Looking back, my conditioned perspective would often use the language of mindfulness, awareness, and insight, and yet when I look at all of that now there was never any explanation for what any of that means. All the ā€œIā€ seemed to know is that other people accepted and acted as though they understood what the... Continue Reading →

The Zen of Appreciation

As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them. - John F. Kennedy Lately I have noticed that appreciation is not a thought or an attitude. It's an action. Sometimes I get tired of my opinions, ideas, thoughts, and conclusions. Of... Continue Reading →

Zen and the Happy Moments

Happiness Happens spontaneously, it rises and falls, is present then absent, as a byproduct of living. I can't manufacture it or will it upon myself and others. So, pay attention, and don't miss it by attaching to some other state or feeling. Life is bittersweet, we often miss the sweet because we are so firmly... Continue Reading →

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