Games or Zen?

Conditioned personality perspective reflects the view that the interaction in life’s relationships is a game that we need to win or lose. We must have opinions, judgements, ideas, and then better ideas, take static positions, and in some way measure everything around us. Why? Ego needs a way to keep score to see if “I” am winning or not. There is a belief that keeping score will provide meaning in life and will provide a sense of accomplishment and status. But it doesn’t, does it? Keeping score may provide a temporary distraction but it doesn’t last, and the search for the next win continues.

From, “A Human, Being”

I am always amazed watching conditioned personality attempting to gain status. So many arguments, opinions stated, things that I “know” and others don’t are offered, where my conditioning had to assert it’s right over your wrong. It makes me uncomfortable that so much of social interaction is based on my ego attempting to gain status with itself and others. That’s not a complaint about self center ego, we need it to survive and protect ourselves, but much of my interest lies in attempting to balance that out with directly perceiving and practicing attention.

When I get tired enough I often stop that “status” game for a while. And what’s interesting is that nothing happens except I feel better, am kinder, clearer, and have greater compassion for all of us attempting to gain status for whatever reasons.

It’s a good reason to establish a meditation practice and spend time seeing how amazingly self centered the conditioned self’s perspective manifests. The perspective is, “If it’s not about me it’s not about anything.” Yikes!

A couple of people have asked about meditation practice so in a week or so I’m going to add a page to this site that I hope will prove useful. Not a how to meditate thing, there’s lots of that on the internet, but some perspectives and hopefully some information that will demystify the whole process. Meditation is a form of perspective to be used in daily life, not another contest to see if I can become an “expert” in meditation. You are the only leading expert on you already. I find that thought lightens my heart.

Smile, watch for joy rising and opportunities to have fun this weekend.

Bryan Wagner

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  1. Yikes us right my friend 😐 as a person who retreats ti the solace of meditation to regain focus, balance and inner peace I too find it fascinating when others are so indignant in their “I have to be right or wrong” views, opinions and judgements. I see a lot of fear in them, confusion and a desperate cry to “make sense”. It’s also incredibly exhausting to live that way lol……once I understood how energy worked, I was able to see how to feed what I require and not engage in what would ultimately be self defeating in terms of allowing soul to lead. This journey is fascinating right, and we all learn so much from one another. I spend so much time in solitude and solution. The next two weeks will be busy for me traveling, people watching and visiting with loved ones. This is where the rubber meets the road 😉 and I’m very grateful I can quietly, whether I in a busy space or not rap into me for inner peace and calm. I look forward to your meditation addition Bryan. Meditation adds a huge amount of healing to my life and practices. Enjoy your weekend😊🙏❤

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    1. So well said my friend. Making sense of a transient universe can be done moment by moment but quickly fades. Things rise, evolve for a time, and are then absent. Living in that reality called for some readjustment about what I consider priorities. We all manifest, evolve, and are then absent. How can we not operate knowing how that feels? That everyone struggles with that? Sigh. Traveling sounds interesting. I love to travel. Take care of you. Laugh, have some fun!

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