Awesome Zen

Sometimes you forget you’re awesome. This is your reminder!

And as a matter of fact it is the simple truthfulness of being human. Lately I have been noticing how absolutely awesome humans can be.

One of the things that became internalized during my studies with Cheri Huber was that we are capable of living our lives regardless of what my be happening, may it be bitter or sweet. All those times when we thought we were going under and yet, here we are, moving in the bittersweet.

Being Awesome doesn’t mean we are nice people, sweet and kind all the time, or loving beyond belief. Awesome is when we keep going through the down times and help each other survive what seems un-survivable. Awesome is getting up and moving when we want to lie there being sad. Awesome is being able to access that small child inside of us and let go of caring how other people may see us or criticize us. Awesome is to have bittersweet feelings and yet being kind to others and self.

It’s a remarkable opportunity to be a Human and have a human perspective. I really believe that there’s cause to celebrate that at least once a day, hopefully much more.

Celebrate you today!

Bryan Wagner

6 thoughts on “Awesome Zen

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  1. Awesome indeed! We are powerfully amazing, magical beings! The things tbe soul is capable of! I like to say that I didn’t come here to be nice and pretty because I’m interested and intrigued by messy and gritty. You’re an awesome human being my friend ❤

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