Holding the Tao of Belief

I’ll try not to whine too much. But sometimes the so called conflicts we experience when engaging with others who hold different belief’s drives me to self expression. Because I belief something doesn’t make it true. Because I believe something doesn’t mean you need to hold that belief. Because I believe something doesn’t mean I am right or wrong or you are right or wrong for not believing. Because I believe in something doesn’t give me the right to try to convince you to either change your belief or badger you into accepting mine as true or even truthful. My belief is not better, truer, or real than any other.

All belief’s are truthful for the believer and I support that. As long as your belief holds compassion and caring for others I can’t help but support it. Intellectual and emotional debates about beliefs are useless in my world. What does matter is attraction. I may become interested in someone’s belief because of the way they hold themselves, speak of others, and their actions. Changing a belief is often out of attraction and rarely out of argument. That’s the point for me, how we treat each other will always mean more than what any belief we hold. People with the same beliefs often treat each other badly.

I don’t need to believe what you believe to care about you and love you. You don’t need to believe what I believe to do the same. We are so much more than a belief.

Ok, I’m done whining.

Take care of you and all you love,

Bryan Wagner

11 thoughts on “Holding the Tao of Belief

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  1. I say that one thing I love about life and all of this is that we can believe whatever we want. I believe the things I believe in but I’m never sure of it 100% and that’s why to me it’s okay that others believe different. Some take my lack of a 100% trust in my truth as me ‘knowing’ deep down that I’m wrong which is not at all what I feel. If we can all accept ourselves for whatever, acknowledging that we don’t know at all what really really can be termed as ‘the truth’, and just love and be there for each other, that will be totally awesome.
    Beautiful post my friend ❤️✌🏿

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  2. The power of belief is paramount to the well of ourselves. It’s a personal choice and relationship we each hold with our higher power. I am not here to change anyone but myself. So many of us expell and exhaust our energy reserves attempting to do this. That’s why selfcare and awareness of self is so important. My truth may not necessarily be yours. I accept me and that’s all I need to do. This is a very important part of our growth. Great post Bryan 👏

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  3. Bryan, thank you for this post! I have been thinking about this for the last few months ever since all the chaos in my country of the U.S. happened. I don’t know where youare are, but some of the things people have done lately has made me cringe. I am all for everyone believing what they choose to, but I am not for people trying to shove their beliefs down other people’s throats. It only seems to result in ongoing conflict, you know? And I think that is sad. Take care!!

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    1. I agree. I live in Michigan and am also impacted by the collective politics and positions. People can believe what they will but not to the extend that we harm others or try to force our beliefs. I don’t think forced belief is real anyway. You can’t change a heart or mind unless the individual believes in the change. Take care of you!


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