The Tao of Do

Do unto others as you would have done unto you and expect nothing in return.

Recently I was asked what saying has had the biggest impact on my life and practice. This is it. If I spend the rest of my life in trying to stay aware of this principle I will have led an Ok life with few interpersonal regrets. Yes it’s hard to remain in the mode that this sentence suggests. Life sometimes obstructs intention. Conditioned personality obstructs intention. But that’s life, yes? No matter what, I’m always drawn back to the power and truthfulness of this sentence. Again and yet again.

May you and all you love stay balanced.

Bryan Wagner

7 thoughts on “The Tao of Do

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  1. This is a variation on the Golden rule. As long as the intention is to follow this, the energy can flow out. I believe the more we practice this intentionally, the easier it becomes. The principle is simple yet we tend to get in our own way and complicate the shit out it, ah…such is life and the journey. The whispers of surrendering to our highest good is what I’m reading here which is love’s sweet intention for us all. Namaste my dear friend ❤

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  2. This is for when you know yourself and how you want to be treated. That wisdom comes after you’ve experienced a lot. There are things we did in the name of protecting some one else but it doesn’t work that way. The not expecting anything in return is an art one needs to master. Subconsciously we all wanted to be treated nicely.


    1. I see what you’re pointing towards. My experience is not one of “knowing myself.” I have no idea how that one works. Having expectations has no formula for “not expecting.” Expectation are, that’s it, what I can do is notice them rising. That alone diminishes the impact. I appreciate your position and comments. Take care of you my friend.


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