Skillful Tao

It’s not the load that weighs you down, it’s how you carry it.” – C.S. Lewis

I love this concept. I think of load as just about anything that is cognitive, physical, or emotional. I have this statement posted in my workspace. It reminds me that I have a choice to act skillfully and adjust the load when it enables constant suffering.

Recently I was treated for a shoulder injury that stopped me from exercising. I am addicted to the exercise routine. A true addiction where I feel guilty for no reason if I miss days. My first reaction was be sad, angry, and feel sorry for myself. After a few days I read the above statement and understood that I needed to adjust the load. So I went back to Planet Fitness and reworked the routine. So I was back in business. (Don’t tell anyone but I like the new lighter routine much better!)

Lately I noticed that my entire life process is actual a constant shifting and wobbling in order to balance the weight of an ever changing life. Now if only I can remember that when I need it!

Do one small act of kindness for yourself, it may lead to more!

Bryan Wagner

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  1. Staying active is good all around for keeping our entire wellbeing in check. I feel the same way when I miss a day. Movement keeps our minds sharp while we are flooded with all those feel good chemicals🥰

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  2. Bryan, great post. I had an accident many years ago and suffered with a damaged rotator cuff for over 10 years, still working out and doing my art, but tolerating the pain until I went to physical therapy on and off for a long time. But finally, I had it fixed last year, and I can hardly believe the huge difference the surgery made for me. All that to say, be careful, and always listen to your body! Kudos to you for going with a lighter routine! 😁

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