The Tao of embracing life

You must live your life from start to finish, no one can do it for you. – Hopi proverb

I am deeply in love with the Hopi Indian philosophies. This is one of my favorites that I try to remember when I’m experiencing one of those “crashes” that we all experience. It speaks to the task that we are all faced with, we are all engaged in this singularity called living our lives, and because it’s a singularity we don’t really have a choice about who needs to be the experience. As much as I would love to take and bear others pain and sorrow the truth is I can only witness and support. They will, indeed, need to live in their own experience.

What a gift. This opportunity we have to be human. Too often I take that for granted and end up complaining about “how difficult” things can be. But sometimes its easy to forget that we are evolved to handle everything that rises. Look at your history and you will probably see that. Knowing that your evolved to survive and flourish gives us the strength to move through those crashes and bitter times knowing that without warning the best and sweetest moments also rise and gift us.

I give thanks for life and bow to you all! Take care of you.

Bryan Wagner

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