The Tao of Walking on

“Close some doors today. Not because of pride, incapacity or arrogance, but simply because they lead you nowhere.” Paulo Clelho

Lately I’ve noticed the old adage “Timing is everything” continues to speak truthfully. There is a time for everything, but also times when we need to walk away and on with life. I believe that this is always easier said than done, walking away sounds deceptively simple. It’s advice that we easily give others but dread to take ourselves. Many times walking away comes with an excess of emotions based in fear, anger, sadness, and anxiety. Often we experience thoughts that fly in every directions leaving us feeling scattered. We are leaving the story of what we know to explore unknown territories. A very bittersweet challenge.

I see what Paulo is saying, but I think it’s also beneficial to understand that we aren’t actually closing the door on anything or anyone, we are opening a door for ourselves to explore the possibilities and probabilities of a new direction. There is that feeling of excitement and the anticipation of embracing our own future with open arms. We don’t close the door, we open one up and leave for new territories.

Perhaps combining those resolutions of starting new behaviors can be reinforced by giving up some baggage and weight of that which no longer serves any useful purpose or just doesn’t fit in your life anymore?

Be good to yourself, it finds it’s way to others,

Bryan Wagner

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  1. Yes! I have spent the last five years letting go of people who said they were my “friends.” My husband and I decided we couldn’t participate in the local church anymore, so we left. Other “Christian” friends dropped us like a hot potato. And just last week even most of those dropped us when we spoke out about the atrocities of what happened in Washington D.C. But I’m okay with that! I have learned that two women who said I was one of their “best friends” in the last ten years weren’t true friends at all. But I have let them go with grace. And I am at peace! Namaste, Bryan. 🙂


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