The Tao of a Single Act

A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees. – Amelia Earhart

It’s amazing isn’t it? How that one kind word or smile, or perhaps those few moments of listening and letting someone know “I am here and you are too,” sends out roots running throughout the social matrix. Kindness is three dimensional, it moves in space and time. That kind act sings to the four directions, up and down, and echo’s in time.

What I enjoy about being kind to others is that it immediately takes me out of social ego, I simply can’t be kind and dwell in social ego at the same time. Perhaps if someone is just acting kind to manipulate then it is socially driven ego running the show. But not when doing a kindness for it’s own sake.

Almost all spiritual journeys and religions point to the same thing. Truthful kindness rises without attachment to outcome. We give because we want to give, not because we will get in return. I know that when I am doing something kind out of the expectation of a return it doesn’t feel like a genuine kindness, it feels contaminated somehow. It’s as though that kindness becomes a social currency and a means of getting something. That’s not the kindness I am suggesting.

Recently I have noticed a creeping in of sadness and depression among people that, pre-Covid 19, were able to stay pretty much in the act of balancing. I think one of the kindest things possible is to feed back to people what you see and project as strengths. That seems to be a much needed dynamic in todays world.

We don’t have to go very far to practice kindness. Family, friends, and the significant people in our lives gives us a perfect practice environment.

Do something kind today for someone in your proximity. Do something kind and don’t tell the person. Do a kindness for a co-worker, a service person (perhaps that cashier at the grocery store?), or one of your animal friends.

And don’t forget, pick one thing today, and do something kind for you. Celebrate how you are in life and celebrate that we are here, all of us amazing people, and have that ability to be KIND.

Take care of you, you are the only you there is!

Bryan Wagner

10 thoughts on “The Tao of a Single Act

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  1. I love this post as it echoes my feelings and actions perfectly. I strive everyday to be a kind and loving human being. First towards myself and then to others. Right now. I’m keeping quietly to myself in my little world because frankly I’m allowing the waves of emotions to run through. The ripple effects of kindness are amazing to witness. I have seen them unfold before me so often in life and it’s these moments that I hold onto dearly now during my grief. The resiliency of the human spirit. To rise after the fall. So beautiful Bryan and definitely something to focus on and celebrate. Wonderful❀

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      1. It’s absolutely the goal. Before this realization, I would block, deny or dissociate from my feelings which furthered my suffering and complicated things exponentially. Now aways, I commit to the flow. Allowing what is🌊 seeing feelings and emotions as water.

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