Tao of Those “Special Days”

Lately I have been thinking. Perhaps instead of having those special unique days to celebrate states of being, like a day to give thanks, we might just line up every special day and start repeating them. That way we could be reminded more often of the skillful ways to treat each other.

Once a year seems a little vague. It takes for granted that we are giving thanks, being kind, honoring someone, or celebrating our beliefs every day, and the special day just reinforces the actions. Somehow, humankind seems to have that backwards, we focus on the meanings once a year and the rest of the time seem to forget.

My favorite is what’s called a truce. During conflicts there is sometimes rises a day that is honored and everyone stops fighting. I think we should start with a truce once a week, then twice, then three times a week until we hit seven. Then we won’t need any more truces. If we can do it for one day then why not permanently? The same with thanks, appreciation, and giving.


If you celebrate Thanksgiving have a great holiday, if you don’t have an awesome day because you are you.

Bryan Wagner

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