Tao of “Knowing”

Sometimes there’s a worry, that if we are not keeping up with every extracted soundbite, meme, and newest buzzwords from our latest belief system, that we will somehow be existing out of touch with life. It as if we have become so desperate to both know and appear to know that we have let go... Continue Reading →

Stopping and Seeing

It's so easy to get caught up in living via my ideas about life instead of being present where life is actually in movement. Perhaps the most difficult action is the act of stopping right where you are, bring attention to the breath and body, and see what's directly in front of you clearly. Doing... Continue Reading →

Tao of “Memory”

Ego “remembers” what supports ego and “forgets” that which doesn’t. Lately I have been noticing that most of my "remembered" events revolve entirely around Conditioned personality as the center player. I have realized that this is a matter of processing my reference frame but that it also lends itself to providing memories that are not... Continue Reading →

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