Zen and Tao of Accepting

Much of our ability to experience everything with an open and new view relies on the idea of acceptance. Can I accept that life keeps changing? Can I live in the acceptance that both I and events are never the same from moment to moment? Can I accept the absolute beauty of the moment in which I am living? Why compare or even worse, refuse to live in saying yes to possibilities, only to live with the ghosts of past events? The question I ask myself is can  I absorb and be absorbed in the moment so deeply that there is nothing left and no need to recreate or reform what is happening?

We can choose to dance to the current tune playing and while doing so revel in the fact that every second we dance is never the same as the second before. Our experience of life evolves and moves, a living, breathing, and growing experience.

Every moment matters, it all counts, there is no experience that can truly be called useless. We learn from everything, one moment to the next.

How are you living this moment?

Take care of you and all you love.


7 thoughts on “Zen and Tao of Accepting

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    1. Yes, I agree. I think my vision of stability is accepting that, at least for me, there is the stability of being in attention to what’s in front of me and not getting lost in stories about what could be. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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