Just People Tao

I have this belief system that says, if I pay attention, anyone I meet will have something to offer, a gift, information, feelings, and perhaps a different reference frame on life.

I have a friend, a Dharma sister named Jacqui, who gave me this view.

We all meet other people who appear to be doing things or saying things we don’t understand and my not have our agreement. I have a tendency to internalize and sometimes obsess over what other people do and say. It’s a part of my social conditioning. Although I would love to be totally accepting/understanding, I am human and have the tendency to opinion and judgement.

However in the last few years I have started to use a phrase and position that Jacqui uses frequently.

“That’s just people.”

Now you can say that with inflections that imply meaning. Sarcastic, opinionated, humorous, mean, or diminishing. But Jacqui doesn’t do that, she makes that statement a statement of compassion, acceptance, caring, and understanding. She isn’t offering any excuse for anyone’s behaviors, just the understanding that we are all using whatever we have to cope with where we are right now in space and time.

We are all on the same boat aren’t we? Never before has Humankind been so aware that, despite differences, what happens on this planet happens to us all. I’m not saying everybody cares about that, but we cannot not know it anymore.

Despite that we all relate from a singular and unique reference frame that is an amalgam of nature, nurture, socially, and biologically set reactions, and each of us swims and relates from unique interpretations of life. We don’t see and experience things the same or report from our experiences the same way. Sometimes we annoy each other, have differences of opinion, and beliefs. We are hear everything in an interpretive language that is ours alone. We all do that, every single one of us.

The way each of us relates is different. That’s just who we are, we are “Just People” and we don’t have to agree, we can relate, be kind and personally supportive, each from our separate and parallel space.

We are all “Just people.”

Take care of you,


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