Stopping and Seeing

It’s so easy to get caught up in living via my ideas about life instead of being present where life is actually in movement.

Perhaps the most difficult action is the act of stopping right where you are, bring attention to the breath and body, and see what’s directly in front of you clearly.

Doing so drops us out of the head and all the stories about whatever is happening and into the space where the body, and indeed our very existence, dwells.

We get to see what’s really going on in life, not the stories about what’s going on, but the experience of the present experience.

4 thoughts on “Stopping and Seeing

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  1. I stopped to inspect some raindrops on a sedum plant the other day – took some photographs too. The sight certaily dropped my out of my head in that moment, where the waterdrops were everything. Namaste, Bryan :>)

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  2. I catch myself dwelling in the future, like window shopping online for things to buy in particular future situations, then I tell myself oh I know what I’m doing, I’m not stuck in the future, instead of just returning to the present moment. I admit my present living is not to it’s fullest yet.
    I literally paused, took a breath and looked at what is in front of me when I read that part. Thanks for a great reminder.❤️✌🏾

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    1. I do that all the time. Into the future or past. Then I remember I also don’t want to miss my life here and now. For me the important practice is to come back to the body and the current moments. Thanks you my friend.

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