A Fragile Tao

Lately I have been noticing that life is fragile. I think this line of thoughts is a natural evolution occurring because of the recent pandemic and a new view of how rapidly things can change. How the world as I know and experience it can simply vanish depending on circumstances. Stability is contingent and very... Continue Reading →


If you are living in fear and anxiety about the future because of what happened in your past, you'll end up losing what you have in the present. - Anonymous When I find myself caught up and living in the past, I refocus my attention on what''s right in front of me. What I notice... Continue Reading →

The Tao of Friends

"I get by with a little help from my friends!" The Beatles from "Yellow Submarine." Dedicated to Judith Nuertey at True Self. Thank you for the nomination my friend! Judith lives in Ghana and I fell in love with her statement in the "About me" section, "I am a lover of freedom and believe in... Continue Reading →

The Rest of the Story.

We have so much information and input in general that our interactions are starting to reduce themselves to  simple memes and soundbites. Cognitive bias has become the conditioned mechanism for filtering and containing information. It seems we are attracted to, and remember, only those things that support our conclusions and avoid that which disagrees. It... Continue Reading →

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