Wanting to Be in my Life

It may seem a little odd for a blog that is basically about the flow of life and acceptance according to Zen and Tao. But recently, I have been noticing how I am increasingly embracing life exactly as it arises. And, an ever growing desire to experience being here in presence. A simple thing indeed.... Continue Reading →

Tao of Peace

"You cannot find peace by avoiding life" - Virginia Woolf As challenging as it might seem there is nowhere to go or escape from what is happening right now. I may not like, approve, want, or desire what is happening. I don't have to like it. But, living inside my head in fantasies of what... Continue Reading →

The Quiet Speaks

Sometimes I find myself becoming unsure of where I stand when I become still and quiet. Suddenly, I can feel somewhat diminished. At times I have sat with people I love and “Don’t know what to say” only because I feel I “Have to say something.” I am conditioned to believe that words and language... Continue Reading →

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