Feeling Alive

I can only be how I desire to be right now, not in the future, and not in the past.

I truly believe that what most of us are looking for is to be connected and feel alive within our own lives. Unfortunately, we seem to spend most of the time looking for something outside ourselves. Some belief, a system, goal, idea, activity, and concept that will influence us to to embrace our existence.

What keeps you from being happier, kinder, more joyful, caring, grateful, and giving? Is there anything that will keep you from being those things today? Because those are the things, the very nature, of who you already are, right now. Look and see for yourself. Your depths are amazing and exquisite.

This is it! Today’s the day! Now is the time! There is no time to waste for the future is not known. But we do know right now don’t we?

There is nothing to acquire and nothing that needs to be added. Give yourself the gift of expressing those things that are also gifts to the world.


May you and all you love be well,


10 thoughts on “Feeling Alive

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  1. I love Judith’s comment and your reply, “Sometimes we find ourselves so driven to become the next thing, we lose sight of how awesome we are right now.”

    Feeling “seen”…

    Thank you both!




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