“We make life even more painful by having expectations and preferences.”
Mokokoma Mokhonoana

I am forever expecting things. I still look at the weather report regardless of how many times it’s wrong. It’s still better than nothing. But, outside of the weather, I’m finding that the idea of “Expecting anything other than the way it exists” doesn’t fare well.

It’s as though I make up a possible future and it comes in two flavors. What I want or what I don’t want. Either of which may occur according to my expectations. I may expect what I want or what I don’t want. Either way it’s a want that is based on “I” making up a scenario about the future. (I often wonder where did I ever come up with the idea of having expectations? I don’t remember ever being taught that!)

Perhaps if I lived outside this universe and had Godlike powers I would be able to have all my expectations met, the cool stuff would happen and the stuff I could do without wouldn’t.

It doesn’t work that way. I am not in control of much of anything at all except how I chose to RESPOND to the next interaction.

No matter what I think, hope, care about, perceive, want, or need, the universe continues to go it’s merry way doing whatever the zillions of combinations produce. And, I am of the belief that it’s all happening the way it’s suppose to happen because it is happening that way. That means I can let go of expectations and enjoy when I have a choice of what I prefer. How amazing is that? The only thing I need concerning myself with is HOW I will respond to the next that and not what the next thing is to rise up.

Accepting “What Is” has simplified my life, and has increased my sense of Joy. I am visiting in a land full of people, places, and things over which I have little control. I never did and never will. That has become entirely fine with me.

I can do one of two things if I am seeing this expectations and preferences thing clearly. One, I can keep up the resistance to what is in the universe and suffer. Two, I can stop focusing on wanting the universe to do my bidding, quit struggling, and relax. I like the relaxing choice. Realizing that I swim and breath in a constantly changing universe brought me the realization that moving with what is going on is so much more interesting than bringing my resources to fight and resist. I’m staying with that! How about you?

Take care of you!


8 thoughts on “Expectations

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  1. Thanks Bryan. Accepting “What-Ifs” and expecting less has brings me inner peace too, however, I am finding it harder not to be concerned of expectations of others. Love this piece, thanks .


  2. One thing about expectations is that; the Individual who expects get hurt when things don’t play out as they want it. The truth is; live and do your best on earth and be optimistic

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