Flowing Tao

When life presents with bitterness we flow.

When life presents with sweetness we flow.

“Just Go with the Flow” was a very popular concept a long while ago. It became another dated saying that stopped being used. But I find it pointing to something I think is valuable that has been said for thousands of years.

Things change. Don’t hold onto anything.

That doesn’t mean to not have memories or your favorite item you just purchased. It’s knowing that nothing lasts forever is not just a saying. This points to staying with what endlessly is in the moment, loving it, doing it as well as you are able, and then allowing it to flow into the past. Whatever’s happening does not belong to me.

Whatever is going on right now is destined to be a memory. Live your life fully right now, that now is also soon to be memory. Breathe and lock into the very act of being alive and able to experience.

Someone wrote, “I am in awe that I have a seat at the table and all that is offered.” What a great thing to have gratitude, not for something, but for the fact I exist.

Keep going!


3 thoughts on “Flowing Tao

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  1. Great reminder of the transience of each moment…live now, and live now fully. It is all we can know… and it is beautiful and something to be grateful for…the opportunity to see the Light and the gift in each moment.

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