Art and Tao

Lately I have been thinking about expression and the many ways we can express ourselves. I found it interesting in my years as a counselor that one of the primary causes of patients suffering was the belief that they weren’t able to express themselves. Sometimes it was the belief that they had nothing to offer as far as self expression. I relate to those feelings. I think the anxiety and fear of judgment is what really keeps many of us away from the exploration.

During this time of self isolation I’ve been encouraging people to explore their creative artistic leanings. I know people who are writing, painting, and exploring playing music. I also encourage people to seek their own guidance. It’s easy to feel insecure when expressing in an artistic way. But there is nothing to approve of, criticize, plan, or expect.

I do some digital art, play percussion, and write some verse. I enjoy doing all three at various levels of intensity. This is a gift that I give myself, the only person who needs to enjoy and have fun is me. I can play, write, and draw, or not, when I can. No judgement and no jury.

We have some time now to explore a little bit of the spontaneous “Me.” I encourage seeing what comes up for you! The opening artwork is something I did last year, I had so much fun!

Stay well,


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