Moment by Moment

Nisargadatta defined Karma as movement. I struggled with that for a while until the insight dropped in concerning how the past, present, and future seconds are all connected, inseparable, and yet dependent upon the act of the moment we are in, microsecond by microsecond. Karma, our karma, (call it whatever you like) is defined at... Continue Reading →

Thinking of Tao

Thoughts arise as an organic process, I never think "I am going to have an idea" or think "I will process thoughts." Thinking is going on all the time 24/7. I am not generating thinking on purpose or intent. I have been conditioned to view thinking as a purposeful event, but it’s not. Thinking just... Continue Reading →

Feeling Alive

I can only be how I desire to be right now, not in the future, and not in the past. I truly believe that what most of us are looking for is to be connected and feel alive within our own lives. Unfortunately, we seem to spend most of the time looking for something outside... Continue Reading →


“We make life even more painful by having expectations and preferences.”― Mokokoma Mokhonoana I am forever expecting things. I still look at the weather report regardless of how many times it's wrong. It's still better than nothing. But, outside of the weather, I'm finding that the idea of "Expecting anything other than the way it exists"... Continue Reading →

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