Words and Presence

Once we release our words, we don’t get to retrieve them and edit them. We have delivered the words to our environment and they are no longer ours. So, value what you send, place a worth on it, and make sure that you say what you mean.   I think the current social field has... Continue Reading →

Tao of bloggers

Write it down, it might be read, nothings better left unsaid. All in all, still no doubt, it's hard to see, it all works out. -"In held twas I" Procol Harem It doesn't always come easy or flow the way we imagined it. But, we write, sincerely and honestly, and post it. Our hearts and... Continue Reading →

Zen on Purpose

Love and Accept on Purpose. Daydream on Purpose. Fantasize on Purpose. Create on Purpose. Rest on Purpose. Breathe on Purpose. Eat and Drink on Purpose. Be here with all the heart, attention, and love possible. Then Repeat Often Deep Bows to you! Bryan

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