Cycle of Ending Suffering. Zen and Tao

We go through the process of suffering and then become aware of suffering. We gain awareness because life will offer moments of clarity during the bittersweet process of experiencing it. We all receive those gifts of momentary clarity. Many times it comes in the form of crisis or sadness like the current world medical issue. Reality won’t be denied.

It’s during those times we see the difference between clinging to suffering or turning our attention to life. Sometimes life demands we deal with reality on its terms, which is really where we always want to be engaged. Not on our terms but engaged with reality where it exists. We have the opportunity to realize that sometimes we suffer so much that it becomes our norm. We no longer attend to it happening, we just suffer. Until something else gains our attention.

         We then begin searching for answers to our suffering. We try many things until we come upon the idea of an awareness practice. We start to practice through the resistance, we resist change because suffering is the Conditioned personalities norm,

         And we start to awaken from that state of suffering. We begin to see that  we can reduce the suffering by experiencing a meditation practice that attends to the awareness of how we cause our own suffering, The realization that we don’t have to suffer if we are aware that thoughts are only a small and inaccurate part of who we are moment to moment.

          and then embracing and continuing practice until our lives are the frame of reference created by our practice. We become and live as we once practiced. We go from the verbal form of practice to the noun form. We apply practice to live not live to practice.

          Without this entire cycle we would never expand……… Thank you all the wise ones past and present!

The more we practice, the lower the suffering, because we learn and recognize that the cycle exists. We know we are reducing suffering by remaining aware of our experience of how we are suffering secure in the thought that we can redirect our attention back to life.

Be well,


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