Zen and Communion

Communion is creating and embracing an emotional, spiritual, sharing of each other.

I was thinking about our study group last night. I realized that we have been exploring our spiritual selves and related topics for over two years and still going strong. It came to me how much I cared for this group of people. And, as words are prone to doing, a word dropped in that seemed to appropriate to the experience. We have communion. And, my heart was warmed by this thought.

We can communicate clearly if we are present and have the desire, openness, and willingness to do so. We can also use that willingness to engage in an open communication to build an increasingly intimate exchange that leaves traces of each person within the other. That is the act of communion.

Communion is not just language and sharing. Communion is a process that is other than the sum of language. It is the art of complete, personal, intimate, communication in the moment. Genuine communion happens when things move between those in relationship. This means both parties are accepting and willing to take that risk to be transparent. They are willing to stand exposed despite those internal voices who are full of fear and resistance.

I had the insight that this is exactly what was going on in our study group. We had long passed the point where we were focused on a primarily informational exchange and had moved into that intimate exchange that sang from the heart as well as speaking from the mind. I realized how courageous, transparent, and trusting this specific group of people had become over the years. What started out as a study group had become it’s own family.

The other thing that came to me was the value of having this relationship with others is beyond a set appraisal. People will sometimes say, “Everything has a price.” Not really. Human caring and interaction’s value comes from the experience not an external value. And, is priceless.

I think my last point is this: Communion can happen inter-species, language is only a very small part of communion. I’m a person who loves animals. And, although it’s my personal perspective, I would like to believe that when I establish an ongoing relationship with my cats or the horses at the stables we reach that place of communion with each other.

I love the idea that we can enter deeper and deeper states of relationship, transparency, trust, and create that sense of connection. We have been through ups and downs and yet remain committed to each other and willing to do the work. I stand firm to the idea that anyone can have a relationship when things are good, the challenge is to continue to grow the relationship during the down times.

Be well, stay focused, and breathe!

Bryan Wagner

2 thoughts on “Zen and Communion

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  1. What a beautiful topic, communion. There’s warmth in the word. It’s amazing that you and your study group have formed such a bond. How amazing is it that such bonds can be shared among us all, and all things in our universe. Always enjoy your posts❤️🥰✌🏾

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