The Zen of Being

I have been thinking lately about the state of “BEING.” I wrote it that way because when I think of being in small caps it seems like such an ordinary thing that’s hardly worth spending attention. We are all hurtling around on this rock called earth and being with a small b. Small being is the state of taking our existence for granted.


That being said, when we become aware, focused, and attend to being it quickly becomes BEING. I noticed that when I was growing up I was never directed towards how amazing BEING could, well, be. BEING was connected to laziness and a not caring attitude. Nothing could be further from truthful.

BEING is when you find yourself loving the day and all that transpires within the day itself. It’s not a permanent state of BEING and it’s not supposed to be. There are no permanent states of being. See the two lions in the featured image? They are just BEING. Have you seen a cat sitting in the sun, eyes squinted almost shut, just sitting? That’s the cat enjoying BEING. Seals laying out on the rocks? BEING. The last time you laid out in the sun or went for a walk in a park and everything was perfect just the way it was? BEING. That’s you BEING.

BEING has great value. It’s when we stop worrying, obsessing, fabricating, telling ourselves stories, living in the future or living in the past. It’s when the body/mind/emotions recognize the miracle of being here now with no other place in sight.

BEING: It’s when we find ourselves caring deeply about everything but at the same time worried about nothing.

Which, now that I think about it, is a ZEN thing. It’s the very human art form of just existing for no rational or reason.


It’s Beautiful, intense, chilling, engaged, and freeing.

So, take a second and let everything go. Breathe and allow things to slow down. Notice and reconnect with where you are and smile. (That may feel awkward for a second, most of us think we need a reason to smile.)

Deep bows,


(PS, If you find this valuable please pass it forward!)

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