Wobbling and the Tao

We wobble because the whole universe is wobbling, and we need to wobble with it. If not, we suffer. Trying to stay in perfect balance is suffering. Trying to maintain a static position, right speech, right intent, right whatever, is suffering.

This is a crucial difference between thinking and doing. Because we can think and visualize the perfect balance point doesn’t mean it’s sustainable. We often elevate humans to the status of gods and discuss their ability to remain in the balance point. These are just stories, made up because those who tell them either have magical thinking, or they are trying to motivate others to achieve what they themselves cannot achieve.

So, embrace that constant wobble, weaving, and your dedication to reducing it moment by moment. Everything has worth depending on your frame of reference or how you are seeing it. Including the the times when we wobble drastically out of balance like all humans experience.

Be compassionate with yourselves. Remember, When we are out of balance we learn, and when we are in balance, we learn.

Stay with examining your experiences, not what you or others think of experiences. I think knowing that being in the moment, as the “human wobbling”, is what Zen and Tao are embracing. Wobble, laugh, cry, love, feel, think, and wobble again. If done in awareness and attention it’s truly what gives meaning to life.

Be well,


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