Living Breathing Miracle

It is easy for Conditioned Personality to control us by simply “Deciding” we are too old, tired, hungry, burned out, distracted, unfocused, not ready, the timing is off, angry, upset, bored or having too much fun, to do the work of developing awareness and being attentive. You can add more of your own. I have yet to talk to anybody who is actively growing an awareness practice who doesn’t encounter these energy drains enable by Conditioned Personality. From the book “Seeing you as I Am.”

We are such miracles. Everything that has ever happened had to happen that way for us to be here breathing. We are such a force to be reckoned with. But we are also in that conditioned place that says we need to do something, learn something, acquire something, relate to someone, and help someone that we get buried under our own thoughts about past and what’s next.

My encouragement is to SLOW DOWN. When we slow down enough we start to see that all those thoughts have little to do with what’s in front of you.

Breathe. We are who we are when we just turn down the thoughts and slowly engage our senses where we are in the moment.

When I worked as a substance abuse therapist my days would start with a group at 6AM. Sometimes up to 20 people. Most days would really stay with that pace until about 3 or 4PM. Busy, busy, busy.

I learned that by 11AM I would be so much inside my own head that my entire world was about “thinking thoughts.” It was as if I lived in the tiny container where my brain resided. I started sustaining damage from the compression.

So I started to take 15 minutes, sit quietly, and practice breathing. I noticed this huge difference in how I was processing the rest of my day when I remembered to do this. I was not so much in my little skull and much more engaged with the environment and people who surrounded me at the time. Calmer. Slower. Less internal resistance.

We are not the thoughts, we are the one watching and thinking the thoughts.

When that concept becomes reality then our perceptions and frame of reference changes. We come home. Right where we are in the moment. We can have gratitude for the ability to do that simple thing, breathe.

Biggest bows to all,


4 thoughts on “Living Breathing Miracle

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  1. How is it that you are able to annunciate exactly what happens in MY head?! Are we the same?? Perhaps we ALL are the same, really all just ONE, sometimes clear and sometimes getting “caught up” in it all? Awareness. Being the observer. Getting out of that “Conditioned Personality…”

    Thank you for the gentle way you describe the patterns and the compassionate guidance you offer.

    Right now, I think I will sit…just sit… and breathe…


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  2. Thank you. I would seem that something so simple wouldn’t be so challenging. But conditioning has been in effect for a few thousand years or so. Sigh! Thanks for reading and commenting.


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